Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Brit Paras


Vickers HMG PL

The 75mm Pack Howitzers

Regimental Aid Post

Para PL and Objective

6 & 17 Pdr AT Guns

75mm Pack Howitzers

75mm Staff Team and Jeep

Para PL and Jeep

Para Pl and 75mm


Objective Marker, 'On the DZ'

Para Jeeps

6 & 17 Pdrs with cur-down Morris Trucks


17 Pdrs in action


Para PL and Vickers HMG
Here are my Brit Paras, that I did for the LWGT in 2009. They are on a one-piece display board, that ties them into to a single theme. I went for an 'Arnhem' style, hope you like them.

Vallycon 2011

3rd SS 'Totenkopf'

105 Battery

105 Staff Team


You Crazy German, You've crushed my Wall..!

Refugees on the move, Tommy Atkins looks on...

The 8T Halftrack, with SS Camo Zelts on the back!
Pics from Vallycon 2011, SS Totenkopf in an EW mode. I was particularly pleased with the Zeltbahns on the Half-Track.

Panzershreck 2010

Team Tiger!

And another one bites the dust...

Here's my Tiger IE's from PzS 2010.

Call to Arms 2010

Ready to Go!

Thats how you deploy a T34 Horde, Sir!

Dedov Leads the Charge!

Maria, I just met a girl, named Maria...

Another shot of the Heroine of the East!

T34 with 57mm Gun

Ba64, Recon Kicks Butt!
Here's some pics of my T34 Horde from Call to Arms 2010

Battlefront FFI Platoon

These sneaky blighters are sure to cause havoc behind 'Ze German' lines...!